What is the Pearl Experiment?

The Pearl Experiment is a thought-form experiment started in 2007 during a paranormal convention at the Glen Tavern Inn.

A group of paranormal researchers, psychics and mediums came together to manufacture a ghost using the Philip Experiment as a guideline.

Their goal was to use the already rich haunted history of the hotel to construct a faux background for a fake ghost including ways the entity would show itself.  Then share the fake ghost story with other paranormal researchers to see if evidence of the haunting would materialize.

Here is the process in which the thought-form was created:

It was established early on that the thought-form would be female since “Philip” of the Philip Experiment was male.

Also, there were some high energy female ghosts in the Glen Tavern Inn on the first floor. Their history could be borrowed for the creation of the new though form ghost. The group decided it would be a good feeding ground.

The background of the thought-form ghost was incorporated into the already established history of the location. The believability factor would be higher if her story matched or mimicked some of the ghost stories that already existed.

The group collectively created the thought-form by imagining her looks, what she wore and her history. They decided to give her a grisly death to energize her story and make it more salacious.  Also, she was given sound cues for the sake of capturing EVPs.

Everyone in the group agreed to talk about the new ghost thought-form. To put her into articles or share her ghost stories as if she were always part of the history of the Glen Tavern Inn.

This was to give her story some viability and get people interested in investigating her and hopefully catch evidence that would support her reality.


Here is the original email that was sent to the original group members:

Hey Everyone,
Here are the words we used to thought manifest Jane/Pearl. To keep the momentum going, please recite these words at least once a day and visualize/meditate on Pearl’s life at the Glen Tavern Inn.
Also, please note that I’ve made a forum called, The Ghosts of Glen Tavern Inn. By the end of the week, I should have all of the ghost stories I’ve culled in the forum. Pearl/Jane is mentioned as one of the ghosts.
You may check it out here: (Redacted web address.)
This, hopefully, will catch on and give us someplace we can track sightings/evps/etc even after the Convention.


Also, Pearl was mentioned in this article by the VC Star Article.


Additional information was added including her red lipstick and her red nail polish.  This was brought to light through an automatic writing session.

One of the seance rooms, on the first floor, was supposedly occupied by a madam Heather calls “Pearl.”

“We don’t know her real name,” Heather said. “She was of French descent. She wanted to be a star. She really liked her money and liked to count her money. She has a very hearty laugh.”

Heather said paranormal investigators call her Pearl because they believe she was strangled by her own pearls.

The other seance will be held in another first-floor room supposedly frequented by a 1920s prostitute that Heather calls “Rose.”

“Rose likes to open and close the doors,” Heather said. “She makes the phone ring.”

Heather and other members of The Real Deal say they have heard Pearl but have actually seen an apparition of Rose.

“Rose has a short bob, an olive complexion, dark hair,” Heather said. “Pearl has a broader nose, red nails, red lipstick.”

The perfume saleswoman that Heather believes she channeled through her automatic-writing session has been detected through smell, according to another member of The Real Deal, Chad Saunders of Ventura. Saunders said the overwhelming smell of perfume will sometimes permeate a hallway in the hotel.

“I want to say violets. It’s very floral,” Saunders said.

Here is Pearl’s original description:

Pearl was a madame who worked the brothel here before 1920
Her real name is Jane
She was a sturdy woman of French descent, who was murdered while counting her money
Pearl was a flashy woman, who had dreams of stardom but ended up on the seedy side of the entertainment industry.
She had a hearty laugh.
Visitors to the hotel sometimes report hearing her distant laugh in room 107.
Pearl was not local and had no family.
She was buried in an unmarked grave in Bardsdale.
She had a habit of twirling her pearl necklace and it made a distinctive sound.


Right before the thought-form activation ritual,  Pearl was attributed with a green dress and her cowboy killer and murder were rounded out.
Her killer was very tall and wore a big cowboy hat. He had dark piercing eyes and a dark mustache.  You could hear the clack of his cowboy boots coming down the hallway to kill her.
Her killer came up behind her while she was counting her money. He grabbed her necklace of pearls and strangled her with them. Sometimes, you can hear the sound of her necklace breaking and the pearl beads dropping to the ground.
Pearl’s more in-depth description was posted in a booklet of haunted ghosts in the Glen Tavern Inn and circulated. See the pictures below.
Please excuse the blurriness. The pictures were taken with a shitty phone camera in 2008 and sent through email. As of this article, a physical copy of this booklet has not been retrieved.  (If you have a copy or know anyone with a copy,  please email me: heather@thepearlexperiment.com)
The picture was one that was chosen from the internet based on the description the group culled together. Here is an excerpt from an email:


November 15, 2008″

” Please note the picture associated with Pearl. I found it online and it seemed like what Pearl would look like (to me) when she first came to the Glen Tavern Inn. Before the reality of show biz hardened her…”




The Thought-Form Activation Ritual
During the third week of July 2007, the activation ritual was performed in the lobby of the Glen Tavern Inn in the middle of the night.
There were eight original members:
Heather Woodward
Amy Beauchamp
Chad Saunders
Bill Murphy
Syd Shultz
Dave Davey
Maria Quijada
Kristin Ballmann


Led by Amy Beauchamp, the ritual started out with a circle and the invoking of the four corners.  The description of Pearl was read by every person in the circle. Some words were spoken. A candle was lit. Then, the circle was closed.


The Evidence

Shortly after the circle some of the original members tried to contact Pearl through automatic writing and a Frank’s Box session. Heather Woodward was able to contact Pearl through automatic writing but she was trying to speak French. Woodward did not know French. Neither did anyone else in the room. So, what was written down were broken phrases.

Here is an excerpt from an email dialogue between Heather Woodward and another member at the session:

“je te meilleur francaise” that is what i got. except that te and je were switched because obviously I can’t speak French. LOL. If I was better at it, I could have probably detached my brain, but it was only my third time. *shrugs*  Also, “she” was giving me other words and speaking very fast, so I only wrote down the words that I caught the sounds of. So, this very well may have been a full sentence that I butchered.  Oh yeah, there was the word “vous” because I was getting the “Lady Marmalade” song in my head. The part about “vous le vous”. She was trying to get me to pick up on the “vous” with the “francaise”. So, it was something like “vous le vous francaise” or something like that.  Also, someone in the room was speaking French to me, and I was getting quick answers in French. So, these could have been parts of other sentences that I picked up on.
So, yeah. I need to work on the whole automatic writing thing. But Pearl *would* say something like, “I’m more French then you, good evening” just because that’s such a pretentious “French” thing to say.
(Undisclosed Email) wrote:

So from last night, this is what I could remember enough to look up:

je te meilleur francaise bon soir

essentially is I better french you this evening, which can be interpreted by me (and your non existent knowledge of the french language) “I am better at french than you, good night” OR “I am more french than you, good evening”

The first statement makes the most sense to me, even though it is a bit of jibberish…however, if it is cajun, I wouldn’t doubt that it could be that far from actual french.

Here is the literal translation from the statement, “I am better at french than you, good night” = “Je suis meilleur en le français que vous, bonne nuit”  Now, “Je Suis” is the equivilent to saying “I am” and the verb “To Be” is the word “Etre” which you may have been seeing and hearing her say that instead of Je te.  It could have been “J’ ete” which means “I’ve been”…

If that seems close enough, then it is french and she was just trying to communicate with your limited knowledge of the language, but if it is far off, I would guesstimate that it would be cajun.  Which I cannot find translations for.

In November 2008, original member Bill Murphy was approached by a couple who went to the Glen Tavern Inn and took a picture of a woman in a green dress who had an incredible likeness to Pearl.

The couple had not heard of the paranormal convention nor did they have any affiliation with the original members of the circle.

Here is a close-up of the original picture and the date it was taken.

Here’s a screenshot of the original picture

Bill Murphy’s Solo Work on the Pearl Experiment

According to this article in the Santa Paula Times,  on March 23-25, 2012, Bill Murphy hosted an “Explore the Theory of Thought Form Manifestation” Conference at the Glen Tavern Inn where he highlighted the Pearl Experiment and unveiled the Pearl photo.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

The Pearl Experiment resulted in a photographer taking a photo of the lobby of the Glen Tavern Inn and when it was developed later realizing that a ghostly image in the mirror hung in Enzo’s Restaurant must be Pearl, a character that had been the focus of a previous experiment in thought form manifestation (TFM).  

“She was even twisting her pearl necklace,” said Anita of the image.

It was eight months after the July 2007 Pearl Experiment was conducted at the Inn that photographer Jim Spann unknowingly took the only known picture of a woman that existed due to a combination of an experimental device coupled with group intention.

Bill said Spann approached him at a conference in Colorado and showed him a scrapbook of images he suspected might be spirits. 

“He asked me about mirrors and I told him about mirrors and their influences,” and when Bill looked at the image it gave him a start… the woman was not in the area of the lobby where she must should have been positioned for her figure to be reflected in the mirror. 

When told that the photo had been taken at the Inn Bill had another start when he realized the loosely organized The Pearl Experiment, those who talked about the woman, given her a life, told stories about, even dressed eight months before, had seen results.

The parapsychology experiment was conducted initially with the idea that there possibly could be a recording – audio or visual media – and Spann had such documentation.

And because the experiment was conducted at the Inn Bill said “We want to reveal our findings where it took place… on Saturday morning we’ll introduce Pearl. I really want to use this opportunity to launch this new experience that everybody can be a part of… as far as we know Pearl was made up by using protocols of other experiments and manifested as a thought form… we create the experiment through curiosity and now we have to understand it.

“It’s almost,” noted Bill, “like doing it backwards!”

Murphy was on Coast to Coast twice talking about the Pearl Experiment:

How the Living Influence Hauntings


“Murphy detailed his own Pearl Experiment in which he created a back-story for a non-existent ghost named Pearl and combined it with the actual history of reported hauntings at Glen Tavern Inn in California. Inserting a fictitious ghost history into a place does seem to have an effect on the outcome of an investigation, he suggested. As evidence, Murphy pointed to a photograph taken of the Glen Tavern Inn lobby on the day of the experiment. It shows a ghostly image in a mirror that appears to be a female form roughly matching the description made up for Pearl, he revealed.”

Slenderman Tales/Open Lines


Surprisingly, Redfern described earlier sightings of the same type of being going back decades before it was even conceived, and proposed that its form might be an archetypal character which tapped into our deepest fears and ideas of horrifying entities, and was already “primed in our subconscious.” He also described the phenomenon of the “manifested thought form,” sometimes referred to by the term “tulpa,” and how there is ample anecdotal evidence for the existence of these beings. In part of the second hour, paranormal researcher Bill Murphy described experiments he has conducted in attempting to create physical manifestations by mental power alone.

According to his website, Murphy has been working on a paranormal documentary about the Pearl Experiment.

None of the original members are affiliated with any of  his solo work.

The Pearl Experiment/Slenderman Connection

Bill Murphy was on Coast to Coast on May 30th, 2014 talking about the Pearl Experiment. He mentions the Slenderman phenomenon in this interview.

On the evening of May 30th, 2014 Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser listened to the interview. Did the interview with Bill Murphy talking about the Pearl Experiment, thoughtforms feed into the energy of Slenderman and the Waukesha attempted murder?

It’s possible if you understand the nature of thought forms.

Nick Redfern talks about it in his book and on this podcast interview with him.

On May 31, 2014, after two failed attempts, the two girls, it seems, were spurred on by the Coast to Coast interview and decided that would finally kill their friend, Payton Leutner.

Weier and Morgan lured Leutner into the Waukesha forest and then stabbed her 19 times hoping to become proxies of Slenderman. They told the bleeding girl they would go and find help but instead walked 4.9 miles toward Interstate 94 where they were apprehended by the police.

Bleeding and on the brink of death, Luetner mustered up the last of her strength and crawled to the edge of a road. A cyclist found her and immediately called 911. She spent six days in the hospital.

The bloody knife was found in Weier’s bag.

If you want to know more about the case check out this podcast series:

Podcast: Slender Man Stabbing Case