Amy Beauchamp, originally presided over the circle of attendees that created Pearl (at special request by the participants), the thought form at Glenn Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, back at a paranormal convention in 2008. Her intention was to help create and shape an energetic thought form that was neutral yet would present in evidence in specific areas within the Inn. At only 2 years into being an active Medium at that time, she had no idea how her path with the paranormal would evolve, and how Pearl would call her back at the 10 year anniversary mark of its inception. Now at over a decade in, Amy is interested in advancing the Pearl project into a much larger energetic shift towards positive change for the entire community of Santa Paula. Her intentions are to include as many ideas of what “positive” means to the people of this township (as the idea of “positive” changes as societies evolve over time due to a variety of factors).

Amy Beauchamp is an experienced and self-taught Medium and Music Composer for Film, Television and Media. She has been a practicing Medium for over a decade, and combines her psychic mediumship skills with spiritual counseling techniques acquired while completing her M.A. in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica in 2006. Prior to 2006, she completed her Bachelors of Music degree in 1999 at Berklee College of Music. Amy has had experience as a Medium investigating haunted locations as part of a paranormal investigative team (2007-2009), and spearheaded a 300 member strong group to practice intuitive skills building (2007-2010). She continues to meet with private clients to give readings and mentoring, along with teaching classes on mediumship and leading spirit communication circles at private parties and public events around Los Angeles. Most recently, Amy has taken up the mantle to spearhead her own paranormal investigative team helping to bridge the gap between investigating for evidence of the paranormal with helping the residential and business owners solve their paranormal challenges to the degree possible, and offering tangible ways for residents and owners to positively move forward. Amy believes that everyone has the potential to develop psychic mediumship skills.