A Casual Conversation by Happenstance

As fate would have it, even after living a decade of life, the original Pearl experiment in 2008 still manages to call us back.  As mediums, investigators and adventurers of the paranormal, it had always been on our radar, in the back of our minds and waiting for our return. Why?  Because we created Pearl along with a group of paranormal enthusiasts.  Heather and I, after many years of journeying separate yet parallel roads, started to see our conversations picking up again about Pearl again following a key piece of evidence that surfaced by a patron of the paranormal.  This means potentially that almost a decade later, an energetic thought form created for the purposes of finding out through evidence if this process is in fact a real phenomenon, may actually have happened. While we were still mulling over the evidence, other odd synchronicities started to happen that kept highlighting an uptick of activity in the quantum field that was/is Pearl.  Is it possible that Heather and I are still connected to this field that was created so many years ago?  Is it possible that that Pearl as a thought form has partial consciousness and is able to pick up on our focus of her/it?  We have so many questions still.

So what now?  Where do we go from here?  We discussed over several phone calls where we both are in our lives currently, and we realized we had changed so much since that initial meeting to create Pearl.  We found ourselves asking, if Pearl is a real energetic thought form, how can we now shape Pearl in a meaningful way that can create a positive influence over a town that has seen so much trauma?  If so, how could we quantify those positive changes to show that humans have the ability to effect their environment and the land around themselves in positive ways? That we might actually be co-creators to varying degrees of our collective experience in this reality?  The next step is defining what “positive” means within this context. Heather and I realized the scope is potentially much, much larger than we anticipated.  So we set a date to head back there to establish a town-wide baseline of parameters. Stay tuned!  -A

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